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2JZ WRX: We’re setting it ABLAZE!

January 17, 2018
The freaking motor is finally in for the final time. It’s taken a ton of work to get it there, so here’s how we did it. Click to Watch!

It DOESN’T fit! 2JZ into a WRX has issues.

January 17, 2018
Size matters….which is why when you stuff an inline 6 motor and trans into a space designed for a flat four, you’re in for some problems. Well you guys are going to get some helpful insight in this video on how you can work around this. Click to Watch!

Single Turbo Time: Project 2JZ Wrx

January 17, 2018
Make sure to watch in full 4k goodness! In part three of the 2JZ Subaru WRX build we put the new manifold on, geek over the precision turbo, give you a closer look at the clutch setup for the car, measure the clearance in the engine bay, and more! Click to Watch!

Bare Bones: Prepping the 2JZ WRX

November 29, 2017
We’re bringing you up to speed on the preparation work that has been done to make room for the new drivetrain setup. Click to Watch!

Stuffing a Supra 2JZ into a WRX

November 29, 2017
I’m sure you guys remember Cody and the coverage we did of his custom WRX widebody transformation last winter. Well, he had the great idea to stuff a turbo Supra engine into his car this year. Man, we really like this guy. Click to Watch!

Working With A Tuner: Part Two

November 29, 2017
Well, the day has finally come. After preparation and getting the OG 2010 Subaru STI ready it’s time to hit the rollers and she what she can make! Click to watch!

Working With A Tuner: Part One

August 30, 2017
Have you ever wondered where you even start when it comes to getting your car professionally tuned? In this mini-series we will be using the recently purchased OG 2010 Subaru STI as the candidate as we work through this often overwhelming process. Part 1? Preparation. Click to watch!

Subaru STI Intercooler Coupler Install

August 30, 2017
So we are only a few weeks into owning the STi and we’ve already spent lots of time going through the fluids. Now, we tackle the problematic stock intercooler couplers that are prone to leaking over time. Click to watch!

50+ Oil Changes!

August 30, 2017
We stopped by His Hands Auto Care to help with their annual community outreach, where they give free inspections and oil changes to almost 50 cars and those who really need a helping hand. It feels great to be involved in efforts like this and we look forward to the next one. Click to watch!

I’m not dead.

August 30, 2017
No seriously, I’m not. After a hiatus being busy with outside projects and normal life, we’re back to making great content for you guys. Click to watch!

Michigan VQ: Nissan 350z Meet

May 17, 2017
I had the pleasure of attending the first meetup with some guys from the newly formed Michigan VQ club. I can’t wait to see their next event, the group is growing extremely fast! In Michigan and have a VQ platform? Join them: Click to watch!

Turbo Irene is Dead!

May 4, 2017
The OG Turbo Miata has been dead for two weeks. We were planning on starting our Series 291 documenting how to make 300whp in your NA miata, then we had an issue arise cruising home on the highway. We’ve tried parts, we’ve tried logging, we’ve tried this and that. Still nothing has proven to actually make Irene run properly or even idle for that matter. Will we solve the mystery? Click to watch!