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Winter; Yep it’s still here.

February 15, 2016
First off, we apologize for the lapse in blog posts. We’ve been active on other platforms but we promise to get better at giving you guys porcelain reading material on a more consistent basis. Has anyone figured out a way to get more than 24 hours in a day? If you have, please email us and let us know your secret. We seem to be operating on all cylinders but between media, 2016 planning, and our own OG builds we are running on the edge. But this is a good place to be, it keeps us moving forward and making progress on every level. We are excited to see what you guys are currently working on. Here’s a quick update on the two cars currently in the Origins stable. The OG Dirty Thirty is currently waiting for a motor refresh. In the past few weeks, the entire drivetrain and exhaust was pulled. Before the drivetrain goes back in, the next steps are: 1. All new seals and gaskets in the M20B25 2. Motor clean and painting 3. Fresh motor mounts 4. Engine bay full degrease, clean, and paint touchups 5. Aftermarket radiator solution 6. Custom powerdercoat solution on the intake manifold and valve cover That’s the *short list as it pertains to the drivetrain. After those items are addressed, we will be moving on to the interior and finding the right solution for fresh brakes. New rubber will be on the new 16×8 wheels. The OG Miata Turbo is currently waiting for a motor refresh as well. If you’ve been following the status so far, you’ll see in fact we did decide to yank the healthy 1.6L with Greddy turbo setup and go a built 1.8L route we sourced from Indiana. In the past few weeks, the entire existing drivetrain and exhaust was pulled alongside the BMW. Since the last update, the car has seen received: 1. OEM Mariner hard top 2. Tein Street Basis coilovers 3. Refreshed Torsen 4.10 with axles and driveshaft waiting to go in Before the drivetrain goes back in, the next steps are: 1. All new seals and gaskets on the bigger, better 1.8L swap. The built motor only has 12k on it, but its always easier to do these things before it goes back in and we don’t want to risk down time this season. Motor is out of a ’96 M edition. Refreshed head with port and polish work. Built bottom end with supertech forged pistons, manley forged rods, and ACL race bearings. It’s using a cometic head gasket and ARP head studs to keep it all locked down. Boost is created by a Bell Engineering side mount exhaust manifold, Garrett gt2560r ball bearing turbo, Hallman manual boost controller, and a 2.5″ downpipe fed to a full 2.5″ exhaust. Dense air is created by an over the top intercooler setup venting to a tial blow off valve and using IAT for speed density tuning. 2. New seals and gaskets on the 120k 5 speed 3.

OG Turbo Miata Update

December 6, 2015
10-30-15 Washed the car for winter storage and build. Peeled the majority of the dip off the wheels. 11-2/3-15 Cleaned up the garage making the most out of a small space. Straightened up small basement to make room for potential engine stand and build because it’s heated. Reorganized and cleaned up some tools and misc garage parts. 11-7-15 Got the car up on jack stands in the garage. Removed the front bumper. Realized how much i missed on the backside and took it outside for a deep wash. Stored it on the cross boards above the car in the garage. Removed the intake piping, AFM, and a bit of the intercooler piping. Taped off the inlet and outlet of the turbo. Turbo looks solid, spins freely, no shaft play, and nice and clean. Discovered a tiny crack in the Greddy manifold. Not uncommon, will need a weld fix. Realized I can clock the turbine housing 90deg clockwise so i can run new intercooler piping more discreet once ac and power steering pump are removed. 11-15-15 OCD kicked in. Looking in the wheel wells while it was on stands, saw how much dirt and grime i missed on the initial storage surface wash. I credit this to my last autox, rain, and the road leading to the course being rutted mud. Put the wheels back on and pushed it out of the garage and jacked it back up and pulled all 4 wheels. Heavy doses of simple green, hot water, and some Chemical Guys helped. Finished getting the car fully cleaned up with the wheels off on jack stands back in the garage. Stored wheels/tires and dropped pressure to 15psi. Removed the rest of the intercooler piping and front mount. There was some oil in the cold side piping, def will want to run a catch setup next season to aid in preventing this. 11-16-15 Well I’ve been having an internal struggle with what direction to go with the car. The timeless 1.6 vs 1.8 debate. Creating a parts list going the 1.8 route would easily run me about $2k+ MORE than sticking with a 1.6. For my power goals and the limiting factor of the 5 speed transmissions anyways, i was having a hard time with the notion. But there’s more aftermarket support for a 1.8 and the same setup on a 1.8 will make more power. The itch of rwhp numbers can easily make you go blind to your original plans. Considering all options, I almost bought a donor parts car today. It was a ’91 with a 1.8 swap and a ebay turbo setup. Car had a MS PNP2 in it as well. The price was dirt cheap, but even at that price the car was just ROUGH. 270k on the chassis, unknown miles on the motor. Had some salvageable parts but just not enough to recoup my money quickly. You can tell whoever assembled the car just wanted boost and didn’t consider much else. Did a compression

There’s a first time for everything.

September 20, 2015
Saturday marked a monumental day for me. I’ve spent nearly 50% of my life being able to legally drive – from the early days of thinking several hundred pounds of car audio was a wise use of money (sorry to any audiophiles), to thinking an off the shelf generic air filter was going to generate noticeable horsepower gains, to finally getting to the point I am today. And where is that? Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about it. Like many mediums, cars are a discipline where the only real cause for concern should happen when you believe you’ve arrived at the place where you can’t possibly learn any more. When you reach that place you’ve either become too set in your ways that you’re blinded, or you perhaps lost the passion that once drove you to always pursue the next level. I feel like I’m only scratching the surface. And I’m perfectly okay with that. Saturday represented an opportunity to get on the track, personally, for the first time in my life. That realization that its taken me this long is pretty astounding considering how involved I find myself in every realm of the auto world. I’ve been to track days,  shot media and attended countless shows, wrenched on almost every genre of car in nearly every level of difficulty, and never once myself been behind the wheel with the clock running against me. This wasn’t an opportunity I was going to miss, and I can safely say it’s opened a whole new chapter for me. Find a track near you and get out there and race, trust me. The Day So at 7:30 am on a rainy Saturday…which I will simply quote: …I picked up my cousin. After a brief bite and meeting up with a friend who was also racing his 2008 Subaru STi hatch, we headed to Midland Barstow airport. The Saginaw Valley sector of the SCCA was organizing and running the event and except for a slight delay with their equipment van, the day proceeded without much drama. Rain was still falling at this point. Registration put me into SSM – Super Street Modified. I’d like to credit the turbo setup, coilovers, full exhaust, etc for putting me into a class that is probably not the first stop for most first time drivers. Meh, whatever…I just wanted them to let me get behind the wheel and see what I got. Still raining. Tech inspection went smoothly, and it was nice to know the Miata in fact wasn’t going to try and kill me mechanically. If anything was going to go south, it would have to be driver induced and I wasn’t planning on getting to that point. Next we had a brief driver meeting and walked the course. Lots of slalom, and 180 turn that would give me fits dropping out of boost all day, and a questionable turn 4 setup which ended up getting modified so cars didn’t go off course into a $1000 light box.

New Origins Garage project – 2015 Fiesta ST

September 20, 2015
2015 Fiesta ST Current Mileage: 746 miles. Modifications completed so far: Mishimoto Dual-Baffle oil catch can, Cobb Rear Motor Mount. Before I can explain the switch, I feel some background information is in order here: I’ve owned a lot of vehicles in my lifetime. Like, A LOT of vehicles. There’s a running joke with friends of mine and family members that each time I roll up to an event they’re not sure if I’m driving a personal vehicle or if I made a quick stop at a dealership and took on a 24 hour test drive. I like variety, what can I say? To date, my best guess since I first took ahold of my first set of keys, I’ve owned over 30 vehicles in 13 years. I find great enjoyment in finding the diamonds in the rough, learning the platform, restoring it to its former glory, and moving on to the next project. But I also realize the need to find a stable DD that I can keep for several years. I thought I had found that when I purchased my sixth, yes sixth, Subaru in December 2014. I drove the 2015 WRX and felt it checked enough boxes, and gave us enough cargo space, to fill the role of daily driver for at least 3 years. It performed great in the winter, no surprises there. Subaru has all wheel drive down pat. But to be completely honest, I feel like the Subaru brand has fallen behind in many other areas. Quality control felt like many things had been overlooked or corners cut with the 2015 after owning it for 8 months. The new power plant is good, but not great from the factory. The tune is outright garbage from the factory, GARBAGE. I feel like Subaru dangles the idea of an insane performance driver in front of you, if you’re willing to tune it and void your warranty. They have built an image on the idea of a rally bred performance car, but will yank your warranty out from under you the second you actually try to unlock the cars potential. I get it, EPA green trees gas mileage yada yada yada. Nobody buys this car to reduce their carbon blueprint. Nobody would blink an eye if they lost 4mpg but got a phenomenal factory tune. Please Subaru, pay attention to the people clamoring for a company to support the image they are selling. [Okay, background over.] I heard the Fiesta ST was good. Actually, I heard the Fiesta ST was phenomenal. That didn’t happen. As a byproduct of living in a city where the performance market is um, far less than stellar, I knew a drive was in order to see for myself. So off we went, an Origins Garage road trip to Sterling Heights, MI to spend some seat time in a couple 2015’s. I’ll save you the boredom of the play-by-play test drives. We will be posting a video soon as well behind the wheel of

NoWo 2015

August 31, 2015
The clouds were dark, the radar looked threatening, and there was plenty of moisture in the air. However, that didn’t keep a strong showing from attending the second annual gathering of the Euros in Frankenmuth, MI. Situated along the river was the perfect setting for a collection of “Das Autos”, regardless if mother nature was willing to cut us some slack and show the sun for any length of time at all. There was a strong showing of Volkswagen and Audi, although we were surprised to see a pretty sparse collection of BMW’s. We’re sure as the show grows and more cars make the trip, the show will only grow stronger. Hats off for a pretty well organized show that drew many nice cars. We’re looking forward to attending next year and bringing some Origins Garage vehicles with another year of work under our belts. Until then, continue (Wrenching at it’s roots.)

‘Tis The Season

August 9, 2015
No this isn’t Christmas. No you won’t look out the window and see the white stuff flying…yet, thank goodness. Speaking of which, who else is saving those screenshots to call their buddies out in the middle of winter who have been complaining that Yeah, we’re sick of it too. Please, allow us that appreciate sticky tires and real traction to enjoy these moments that remain here in the Northeast. We’ll all get to endure the miserable months upcoming where we get to sit in the garage huddled around a space heater…collecting parts and tearing engines down to bare bones. So let’s not focus on the upcoming, let’s live in the here and now. If you’re like us here at Origins Garage and live anywhere in the Northeast area, our best hopeful estimate put’s the season about 70% completed. So what are you going to do with the rest of the season? This year, we are striving to take it as deep into fall as we possibly can. There are a few events left on the calendar we are going to be at, and a few DIY road trips we are currently putting on paper as well. Feeling out of ideas or down in the dumps? Take a look at these links and look for us there! Northern Worthersee August 29, 2015 Grid Life Session #3 October 3-4, 2015 Michigan Tunnel of Trees Fall 2015  

Making Cuts

June 17, 2015
Money doesn’t grow on trees, and that’s a sad, sad reality. I’ve yet to walk out into my backyard to be pleasantly surprised by a pile of freshly printed hundred dollar bills blowing across the grass. Seeing twenties and fifties hanging from the branches above just waiting to hit their ripe point and join their friends on the ground below. On the topic of old homages I’m sure you’ve also heard one step forward and two steps back. Anyone who has been in the middle of a build can relate to that. But what about one step back and two steps forward? Sometimes it just becomes clear, the “lightbulb” moment if you will, where you tell yourself if you want to see progress of putting parts ONTO a car it may mean taking some OFF. It’s becoming increasingly apparent here at Origins Garage that the current stable of shop cars needs a refresh. It’s not a refresh of passion for the platforms, that doesn’t fade and you couldn’t rip the keys from our hands for any reason. But who doesn’t like more power? More tire? Better brakes? A transmission that doesn’t feel like it’s about to grenade at any moment in time? Okay so maybe I’m speaking VERY personally on that last one. But the shop cars are both going under the knife very soon. And we’ve had our lightbulb moments. Selling a perfectly good set of wide wheels with sticky tires to replace them with garage specials only means one thing: you’re serious about getting the resources you need for that next big item. It’s not easy to sell off perfectly usable parts, but seeing the end game and understanding the sacrifice will return results makes it worth it. And oh, it will be worth it. Changes are coming and we can’t wait to document what’s been up our sleeves. Stay Tuned.

New T’s Coming In.

June 6, 2015
Another batch of OG Weathered Crest T’s are coming in this week – swing by the shop to get yours now. Be watching for new styles and designs coming in the next few months.