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Money doesn’t grow on trees, and that’s a sad, sad reality. I’ve yet to walk out into my backyard to be pleasantly surprised by a pile of freshly printed hundred dollar bills blowing across the grass. Seeing twenties and fifties hanging from the branches above just waiting to hit their ripe point and join their friends on the ground below.

And let’s be honest, those ones wouldn’t stand a chance of ever reaching that point before I ripped those suckers off.

On the topic of old homages I’m sure you’ve also heard one step forward and two steps back. Anyone who has been in the middle of a build can relate to that. But what about one step back and two steps forward? Sometimes it just becomes clear, the “lightbulb” moment if you will, where you tell yourself if you want to see progress of putting parts ONTO a car it may mean taking some OFF.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent here at Origins Garage that the current stable of shop cars needs a refresh. It’s not a refresh of passion for the platforms, that doesn’t fade and you couldn’t rip the keys from our hands for any reason. But who doesn’t like more power? More tire? Better brakes? A transmission that doesn’t feel like it’s about to grenade at any moment in time?

Okay so maybe I’m speaking VERY personally on that last one.

But the shop cars are both going under the knife very soon. And we’ve had our lightbulb moments. Selling a perfectly good set of wide wheels with sticky tires to replace them with garage specials only means one thing: you’re serious about getting the resources you need for that next big item. It’s not easy to sell off perfectly usable parts, but seeing the end game and understanding the sacrifice will return results makes it worth it.

And oh, it will be worth it.

Changes are coming and we can’t wait to document what’s been up our sleeves. Stay Tuned.

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