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No this isn’t Christmas. No you won’t look out the window and see the white stuff flying…yet, thank goodness. Speaking of which, who else is saving those screenshots to call their buddies out in the middle of winter who have been complaining that

“it’s just so hot.”

Yeah, we’re sick of it too. Please, allow us that appreciate sticky tires and real traction to enjoy these moments that remain here in the Northeast. We’ll all get to endure the miserable months upcoming where we get to sit in the garage huddled around a space heater…collecting parts and tearing engines down to bare bones.

So let’s not focus on the upcoming, let’s live in the here and now. If you’re like us here at Origins Garage and live anywhere in the Northeast area, our best hopeful estimate put’s the season about 70% completed.

Optimal Car Season Completed70%

So what are you going to do with the rest of the season? This year, we are striving to take it as deep into fall as we possibly can. There are a few events left on the calendar we are going to be at, and a few DIY road trips we are currently putting on paper as well.

Feeling out of ideas or down in the dumps? Take a look at these links and look for us there!

Northern Worthersee August 29, 2015

Grid Life Session #3 October 3-4, 2015

Michigan Tunnel of Trees Fall 2015

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